About the blog

LIVE A WILDER LIFE is a travel and lifestyle chronicle. For anyone who dreams of doing more.

Our goals are simple: 

~ To chronicle our adventure to find where we want to call home.

~ To help you travel easier and deeper.

~ To embolden you to explore more of the world around you.

~ To share our honest, intimate stories of travel and parenthood.

~ To inspire you to follow the call of your wild heart.

How We Travel

There’s no right way to travel. Some people prefer to go budget conscious the whole way and stay in hostels, happily travel hacking their way around the globe. Some like to feel pampered and taken care of – a la five-star hotels and first-class airfare.  Us? We like it all. We can camp with the best of them, but if given a choice, we also love a comfortable bed with high thread count sheets.  We prefer to be outdoors enjoying the bounty of nature, but we’re also game for a day at Schlitterbahn. Haven’t heard of it? Look it up right now. 

 Ultimately, we are looking to experience a place deeply and fully. That means trying out what is on everyone’s top 10 list as well as venturing off the beaten path to see what else we can discover. It means immersing ourselves in the landscape and people to better understand the unique rhythms and customs of a place

We are intricate planners when it comes to taking a trip. Half the fun for us is in researching and finding everything a place has to offer. We know some people like to wing it the entire time, but for us having a plan gives us a jumping-off point for our adventures. That being said, we know that having a rigid plan in place doesn’t allow for spontaneity and the unexpected, so we always stay flexible and open to allowing detours. It’s often where the best memories are made.

We hope our travel and life chronicles help, inspire, and even make you laugh a little. 

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