“There’s still so much to see.”

mom and son standing in front of bison at Yellowstone National Park
Father holding toddler in a shoulder carrier. Toddler peaks over dads shoulder to look at his face while dad smiles at him.


We’re Christina and Brad, the wife-husband duo behind Live A Wilder Life. We are two travel-loving adventurers who are looking to squeeze every succulent drop out of life. After the birth of our son, we made a choice to leave our lives in Los Angeles to travel the US full-time to find our new home. (It’s kind of a long story and waaaay more complicated than what I just said. Want more details about our story? Check out our post on what living a wilder life means and how we came to such a huge decision).

Alas, a worldwide pandemic stopped our huge adventure to travel the US. With no home to return to, we decided to take shelter in Brad’s family home in North Idaho. We thought…let’s just wait it out until things get normal again. We all know how that worked out.

So we ended up moving to Idaho. I guess life decided for us!

While a pandemic forced us to root down much sooner than we expected, we now consider ourselves part-time nomads. There’s always a trip, adventure, journey, or destination just on the horizon for us. Engraved onto our wedding rings are the words “There’s still so much to see.”

While we travel with a wild child in tow, our travel adventure blog is here to help anyone looking to get out and EXPLORE. We focus on travel that reconnects you to the natural world and invigorates your sense of delight.

Our mission is to help fellow parents and adventure seekers travel easier and deeper.

Simple as that.  Do you want to know the best National Parks for kids? We’ve got you covered. How to make your own DIY Glamping Setup? Done.  How to go camping with a toddler and not kill yourself and have a good time? Bam.

Before we upended our lives to travel the US, we were storytellers in the film and entertainment industry. We’ve taken our love of the camera and writing and coupled it with our travel journey to create this blog so you can come to our site and get exactly what you want from a travel itinerary or guide. We hope you even get inspired to try out a new destination. Boise, Idaho anyone?

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Meet Christina

I’ve been moving around my whole life. So much so that I never know what to say to the question, “Where are you from?” Technically, I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but quickly moved on to Alabama, Texas, Maryland, Boston, and Los Angeles. I am an explorer by nature and am always looking to learn and create something new. I first moved to LA to pursue a life in acting but took a detour when I discovered S Factor, a feminine movement practice dedicated to helping women eradicate body shame and reclaim their erotic bodies. Inspired and revitalized by the classes, I became a Master Teacher of the movement and took on the role of a leader to women worldwide. In 2016, I jumped headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship and opened my own successful lingerie company, Serpent Lane. 

After having my first baby and getting my ass handed to me by motherhood (no joke-this parenting thing is hard, you guys), I realized my life was calling me into a new journey. Simultaneously exhausted and inspired by motherhood, I wanted to model for my son a mom who was fulfilled and ignited by life rather than exhausted by it. I knew in my heart that a return to writing and nature was calling my name

I am introspective and introverted by nature. I’m the girl at the party who wants to talk to one person and hear their entire life story.  Rest assured, once we get to know each other, I’m happy to cut loose and do Britney Spears impressions with you. But not until you’ve bared your soul. Fun times!

Meet Bradford

I grew up in Northern California in Santa Rosa. The wine country. A beautiful place to grow up, among the redwood trees and rolling vineyards. But, as I always say, you don’t realize how nice it is until you leave.

I was always an outdoorsy kind of kid. I loved the trees, water, animals, all of it. I spent much of my youth in nature and moving my body. I also loved travel from a very young age. With family in Northern Idaho, I spent many summers on the lake and winters on the ski slopes.

I got the acting bug as a kid and eventually went to college for theater at UC Santa Cruz. This led my move to Los Angeles, where I would pursue my dream as an actor. Booking work here and there, I worked a bunch of odd jobs to get by: I’ve been a Starbucks barista, a delivery driver, an A&R rep for a record label, a market researcher, a mover, a PA for film and TV, a real estate assistant, a cameraman, and finally a special effects technician for the last 13 years. Guys, there were a ton of weird jobs.

When on location for 2 weeks on a film shoot in 2008, I met Christina, who was an actress in the film. Even when we were scrimping for every last penny, we always made travel a priority. From our very first trip together in Honduras to Croatia, where we got engaged, to our honeymoon in Bali, where Christina got pregnant with our son. Travel has always been a fundamental piece of our story together.

Our Top Fives


  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Goblin Valley State Park
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • Glacier National Park
  • Yosemite National Park


  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
  • Loreto, Mexico
  • Schwarzwald, Germany
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

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