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CAMPING GEAR FOR TODDLERS: The Only List You’ll Ever Need

Post Summary: A complete list of the essential camping gear for toddlers including recommendations of the best products.

Have you taken the leap and decided on a family camping adventure with your toddler? Are you curious about what kind of camping gear for toddlers you might need to get?

While most avid outdoors people like to keep it minimal, any caretaker knows that minimalism and toddlers don’t really go together. That’s okay because all that toddler camping gear that you shove into the back of your trunk will be what SAVES you from meltdowns (both yours and your toddlers).

We’ve compiled a collection of essential camping gear for toddlers based upon our own misadventures while camping with our wild one.

We’ve come up with two lists: the first list is camping equipment for toddlers that we consider absolutely necessary and the second list is things that are really nice to have but can be skipped if you’re wanting to spend less or reduce how much you bring.

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*This CAMPING GEAR FOR TODDLERS post may contain affiliate links, which means we might earn a small commission if you purchase from them. This is at no extra cost to you! We only recommend products and services we truly think are helpful.

Pssst….this is a long post. I wanted to save you the hours of research I did and give you one place for the most thorough and complete list of the best toddler camping gear. If you want one single page that has all the items listed, you can go directly to our Amazon page HERE for all the products I recommend



Top on the list for camping gear for toddlers is a good tent! We love our roomy Coleman Octagon Tent.

When you’re going tent camping with toddlers, naturally you’ll need a tent! You’ll want one that can grow with your family, is easy to put up, and is built to last. Buying a tent can be a hefty purchase, but it is a one-time investment that has the potential to be used for years. It’s much better to buy something that’s well made than to buy a cheap one that will rip apart after one use.

We use the Coleman Octagon Tent and love it. We like that it comfortably holds the three of us, comes in a storage bag on wheels, and that there’s room for more kids or pets if your family grows. There’s also an optional room divider so when your kid is older you can divide the room if more privacy is wanted.

Once you know how to put it up, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s waterproof (ours stood up very well to a massive rainstorm in Yellowstone) and has nice features like a door that opens on a hinge and the ability to open up the shell of the tent so you can see the outside while in the tent. While many think of a tent as something that you merely sleep in, don’t forget it’s also the place you might have to hang out in when it’s raining or too hot. It’s nice to have a tent that’s enjoyable to be in. For us, that’s having plenty of space and the ability to fully stand up inside.

You can read more reviews and find prices HERE.


Guava Lotus Travel Crib with Lightweight Backpack Design | Certified Baby Safe Portable Crib | Folding Play Yard with Comfy Mattress for Babies & Toddlers | Compact Baby Travel Bed

If you don’t already have your own portable travel bed, consider buying the Guava Lotus as your standard travel crib that can be used for camping, hotels, the grandparents’ house, and more. We like it because it’s lightweight, easy to put up, and has a convenient zipper opening. Check prices for the Guava Lotus HERE. A bonus of a travel crib is that it can also double up as a safe play spot in the campsite for younger toddlers.

Another option is to use a small pop-up tent that goes within the tent. We have the KidCo Peapod Plus Pop Up Tent, and our son enjoyed sleeping in it for a few nights. It’s a fun option for a toddler who would enjoy feeling like they have their own tent. If you get the bigger version, it can grow with your kid and last for a while. It’s also great for beach days! Check HERE for current prices.

**TIP: If you’re using a travel crib, consider using blackout shades like these. It’s a godsend for nap time! You slide it over the top of the crib, and it significantly reduces light. While we used it for naps, it could help your child sleep later in the morning since most tents aren’t light reducing.


Big Agnes 20-Degree Youth Sleeping Bag, Little Red (Kids)

Rather than using a portable crib, you can opt to go the old-fashioned route and have your child sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. I have to admit, we bought a sleeping bag for our toddler and he did not enjoy it. He is a kid that tosses and changes positions all night. For him, a sleeping bag was far too constricting. That being said, your child might love it. They might find it cozy and have the best sleep ever.

The key to buying a toddler sleeping bag is making sure it’s weather appropriate for where you’re camping and to get one that can potentially grow with them. A great choice is the Big Agnes Sleeping Bag. It fits a growing toddler up to 4’5″ and can be used for temperatures as low as 15 degrees.

If you’re opting for a sleeping bag that will go on the ground, you’ll want a sleeping pad underneath the sleeping bag. Not only will it be more comfortable, but it’s also what will keep your child warm at night. An adequately insulated sleeping pad is vital to a good nights sleep. We chose to buy two XL, high-quality Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads so that our sleeping space would be equivalent to a queen bed. Instead of purchasing his own pad, he slept with us on our bed and we piled on together.

If you want a more affordable option you can buy the highly rated sleeping pad from Sleepingo. It’s lightweight and meant for warm weather camping, so you will need extra insulation if the weather goes below 40 degrees.

Lastly, if you’re looking to save as much money as possible, remember that toddlers are used to sleeping on harder surfaces. In a jam, you can fold up thick blankets from home as a comfy surface. Even better if they’re wool since they provide wonderful insulation. We’ve even used a doggy mattress like THIS and he loved it. Kids are resilient. Don’t be afraid to get crafty when camping!


Morrison Outdoors Little Mo 40° Baby Sleeping Bag (6-24 Months) The Camping Sleeping Bag for Babies and Toddlers with Adjustable Open-and-Close Cuffs and Thick, Lofty Insulation. (Blazing Blue)

A wearable blanket is a good option if the weather will be cooler, and you have a toddler who kicks off their blankets at night. I prefer ones like this wearable blanket from Restcloud that have feet since toddlers are so active and agile, but you can also use a sleep sack like THIS that functions similar to a sleeping bag.

Lastly, you can buy a wearable sleeping bag from the outdoor brand Morisson. They have two sizes (baby and toddler) and two types available, one for cold weather camping and warm weather camping. You can read more reviews and see current prices HERE.


Wilcor Kids Folding Camp Chair with Cup Holder and Carry Bag - Black Bear

While sitting isn’t an activity that’s high on the list of toddler activities, kids will love having their own dedicated camping chair with a print that makes them happy.


Summer Infant Pop ‘n Sit SE Highchair, Sweet Life Edition,Mango Melon Color -Portable High Chair for Indoor/Outdoor Dining –Space Saver High Chair with Fast, Easy,Compact Fold, for 6 Months-45 Pounds

Some parents may not need a high chair for camping and can get away with holding them or letting them sit on the camping chairs or picnic benches that most campsites have. If you have one of those kids…awesome! We don’t. For us, we bring our Fisher-Price Booster Seat and strap it onto the camping chair. It works great! You do need to be careful if you have a toddler that moves around in their chair since camp chairs are made of aluminum and can tip over easily. You can also opt for a travel-ready high chair like the one from Summer Pop. It’s a sturdier chair and a good choice if you want something higher off the ground than a booster seat.


Hydro Flask 12 Oz Kids Wide Mouth Straw Cap And Boot Wisteria

Having water while camping is paramount, especially when you’re camping in humid climates or high elevation campsites. We always travel with our Hydro Flask water bottle because we love that the double-wall insulation keeps water ice-cold for up to 24 hours. It’s also smashproof and can withstand the rough play of toddlers. .


Protect Life First Aid Kit for Home/Business | HSA/FSA Eligible Emergency Kit | Hiking First aid kit Camping | Travel First Aid Kit for Car|Small First Aid Kit Travel/Survival Medical kit - 100 Pieces

You’ll want to be sure to include a first aid kit to be prepared for cuts and scrapes that are inevitable when kids play outdoors. You can buy a fully prepared first aid kit or you can opt to make your own. If you’re not sure what to bring, you can read this post about what to put in your travel first aid kit.


Blue Lizard Baby Mineral Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide, Water Resistant, UVA/UVB Protection with Smart Technology - Fragrance Free, Unscented, SPF 50 - 5 Fl Oz - Bottle

Most people opt to camp in the summer, so you’ll want to be sure to bring sunblock, a sun hat, and/or sunglasses. Here are our favorites:

1. Sporty Swim Hat – We LOVE This sun hat because it can get wet, it has UPF 50 protection, is stretchy, and the brim doesn’t get in his way of seeing. It’s the best hat ever.
2. Sunblock – Any chemical-free sunblock will do, but we like Blue Lizard because it’s perfume and paraben-free, an ideal choice for sensitive toddler skin.
3. Sunglasses –  We love these sunglasses from Cocosands. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. They are built to be handled by toddlers (smashproof) and come with a strap, so fiddling fingers can’t pull it off.


Babyganics Insect Spray, 6oz, 2 pack, Made with Plant and Essential Oils, Packaging May Vary

Camping often comes with mosquitoes. If you are camping in a place known for mosquitoes you’ll want to buy some DEET free bug repellent to keep the bugs at bay. Babyganics has a great spray that is designed for the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers.

In addition to bug spray, you might want to buy a battery-operated fan. A good breeze can go a long way to keeping bugs away. It’s a good option if you’re camping somewhere humid and the cool air would be a nice addition to your tent or on your table while you’re dining. I like this one HERE for its easy portability and extra-long battery life.


Outdoor Equipment LED Camping Lantern & Headlamp Set for Kids, FANT.LUX Battery Powered Night Light for Emergency, Hurricane, Lightweight Tent Lamp (Owl Set)

Playing with flashlights while camping is as quintessential to camping with a toddler as toasting s’mores. Since you’ll have your own flashlight, it’s practically guaranteed that your toddler will want to play with it, so it’s best to have a flashlight that’s a designated toddler flashlight. You can go the standard route with a flashlight made for kids, but you can also play with lanterns and headlamps as your toddler is sure to love them all.

1. Mini Flashlights – Fun collection of brightly colored mini flashlights, that can be used by adults as well.
2. Melissa & Doug Flashlight – Cute flashlight that looks like a firefly. Great if you want a flashlight that has a kid-friendly look.
3. Camping Lantern For Kids – We love this cute lantern that’s durable enough to withstand the rough play that toddlers can have.
4. Headlamp For Toddlers – We love this adorable fleece headlamp that has three lighting options, including a low setting so you won’t be constantly blinded when they shine it in your eyes.


10X Shatterproof Magnifying Glass 10X Large Handheld Magnifying Glass for Seniors Kids 75mm Magnifying Lens with Non-Slip Rubber Handle Magnifier Glass for Reading Science Insect Hobby Observation

Unleash their innate curiosity and let them explore the campsite with a shatterproof magnifying glass. Challenge them to find bugs, inspect leaves, and study rocks with this nonslip magnifying glass made for small toddler hands.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars - Binoculars for Kids Ages 3+, STEM and Outdoor Toys for Toddlers, Gifts for Toddlers

Once they’re done exploring the ground, hand them these adorable binoculars made for toddlers. Don’t make the mistake we did of giving your child regular binoculars that are small. These toddler-friendly binoculars from Geo Safari are focus-free so they won’t get frustrated with trying to see through them. They’re also shatterproof and easy for little hands to hold.


Frisbees for Kids - Fun Beach Toys for Kids 3-10 Top Summer Gifts for Boys Age 4-7 Year Old Girls Best Beach Games Cool Sand Water Family Swimming Pool Presents Playground Basket Fillers Ages 5 6 8 9

While most toddlers can make creative games and toys out of what’s available at a campsite, it’s a good idea to bring a few toddler camping toys to keep them occupied. Classic camping toys include a bucket + shovel, reusable glow sticks, and toddler frisbees.

Read Next: If you want more creative toy options for camping check out our in-depth post on 20 outdoorsy camping toys for toddlers.


Hammond’s Candies Gourmet Marshmallows – Vanilla Bean | Great for Snacking, Hot Chocolate, S’mores, Baking | Gluten-Free, Kosher, Handcrafted in the USA | 2 Pack

Any caretaker knows that snacks are the ultimate tool in keeping a toddler happy. Before you leave, stock up on your child’s favorite snacks and throw in some new ones as well. Camping is a unique experience and treats they don’t typically get are part of the fun. Don’t forget the Hammond mashmallows!


YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler, Navy

If you’re only camping for few days you can use a standard cooler and be sure to refill it with ice as you need. If you’ll be staying for longer you’LL want to invest in a high-quality cooler that will keep your food cold for days. Yeti has long been the reigning champion of high-quality coolers. We love the Yeti 45 because it’s bear-resistant, built to last, and keeps your food cold for days. In the right conditions, it can keep ice-cold for up to 10 days! That being said, it’s pretty expensive, so if you’re not someone who uses a cooler a lot, it’s perfectly fine to get a no-frills affordable cooler like the Coleman Performance Cooler.


DRMTLGY Body and Face Shower Wipes for Women and Men - 45 Wipes. XTRA Large Biodegradable No Rinse Cleasning Wipes For Camping, Sports, Traveling, and more!

Camping + Toddlers = Wipes. Pack wipes. So so many wipes.

Wipes will come in handy for the inevitable sticky fingers, dirty feet, and all around cleaning that never ends when a toddler is around. Also, while your campsite may have a shower, you might want to consider doing a “wipe” shower rather than try to do communal showers with an antsy toddler. Regular wipes will suffice, but you can also opt for biodegradable wipes like THESE that are meant to replace showers when traveling or camping.


Teva ReEmber Moccasin, Aquarius, 10 US Unisex Little Kid

Forget about finding hiking boots or special camping clothes for toddlers, we learned the hard way that what you really need is a good pair of campsite shoes. We thought his cute Native Shoes were perfect since they are easy to slip on, waterproof, and easy to clean. The only problem is they are covered in decorative holes so by the end of the day his socks would be covered in three layers of campsite dirt. We ran out of socks while camping! Then we had him wear his shoes without socks, but then his feet were covered in three layers of campsite dirt, which then required sooooo many wipes. The lesson is that when you’re camping, you need closed shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, can slip on and off, and are machine washable. The Teva ReEMBER shoe is the perfect camp shoe! It checks off all the boxes.


MCGMITT Potty Training Toilet Seat for Toddlers Boys Girls, Portable Baby Toilet Folding Kids Potty Chair Cover with Splash Guard for Travel, Including 3 Non-Slip Feet and Storage Bag (Blue)

If you are camping with a potty-trained kid, then bringing your own portable potty will help you on those frigid early mornings or late nights when you don’t want to schlep through the dark to a concrete bathroom. This foldable travel potty comes with 20 bags that line the potty for an easy, quick clean-up.

young boy toddler sticking out a toy in front of a large tent in a campsite


Now that we’ve gone over camping essentials for toddlers, let talk about camping items for toddlers that you can potentially skip, but admittedly are nice to have on a camping trip. They may not be deemed essential, but they could go a long way to making camping with toddlers more enjoyable.


deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier (midnight)

If you’re camping, it’s a fair assumption to think that hiking might be in your plans as well. If you have a toddler that doesn’t want to walk the entire way, bring or invest in a high-quality hiking carrier like the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro. If worn correctly, the pack takes stress off your shoulders and distributes the weight down to your hips. A life saver for hiking parents!

The Complete Guide To Buying The Right Toddler Carrier For Travel


Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother for Baby, White Noise Sound Machine and Sleep Soother with 4 Natural Sounds and 2 Lullabies, Sleep Timer, Volume Control and Flexible Clip, White

A battery-operated portable sound machine can be a godsend for loud campsites and sensitive toddlers who stir easily. Most toddlers go to bed before campsites settle down for the night, so it can be a great way to drown out excess noise. We like the Project Nursery sound machine for its simple aesthetic and that it has the option to be plugged in or battery operated.


Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock - Small Camping Hammock, Kids Camping Gear w/Tree Straps and Carabiners for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Cloud Blue & Tangerine

Our kid loved hanging out in the hammock, and it was the only time we could get him to sit still with us. Swinging in the hammock together and enjoying simplicity is one of our favorite memories of camping together. Buying a hammock is something the whole family can enjoy. We love the Wise Owl Outfitters hammock because it packs down to a small size and is easy to put up. .

Another option is the kid’s hammock from Wise Owl. Kids love to have their own version of things, so a hammock made for their size might be just what they want.


Oliver & Hopes Adventure Under the Stars

Books to read at nighttime or around the fire are a great option for toddlers who love reading time. Before our first trip camping with our son, we bought a few camping-themed books to get him ready for our adventure together. He loved them so much we brought them with us on the camping trip. We loved reading Oliver & Hope’s Adventure Under The Stars, a sweet story of three friends on their first camping trip.

Want more books about camping with toddlers? Check out our post on 15 fun and exciting camping books for toddlers.


Jolly Green Products Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Set of 5 Extra Long Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks for Fire Pit, Campfire & Bonfire, Camping Accessories

The first time we went camping, I decided to be a purist and use sticks we found in the campsite. Now, I only want to use roasting sticks! In fact, it’s on my personal list of essential camping gear for toddlers.

These extend up to 34″ making it a great choice for kids and they have a rotating option meaning everyone can compete to make the perfectly roasted s’more. We also love that it comes in a packable bag. Check prices for the roasting sticks HERE.


CozyPhones Over The Ear Headband Headphones - Kids Headphones Volume Limited with Thin Speakers & Super Soft Fleece Headband - Green Frog

Headphones can be a nice addition when camping if you want to treat your toddler to a movie. It can be perfect for when it rains and you hunker down in the tent for a couple of hours. We like these soft, sound-sensitive headphones that are made with children in mind.


ZOMAKE Waterproof Picnic Blankets 79''x79'' - Extra Large Picnic Blanket for Outdoors - Foldable Picnic Mat with Straps - Portable Picnic Mats for Picnic Camping(Gray Blue)

It’s always nice to have multi-use blankets that can be thrown down on the ground to sit on. Perfect for when you’re at camp or on a hike and taking a rest with your toddler. A few nice options are:

1. Turkish Towels – We love to use Turkish towels since they are lightweight, can be packed down to a small size, and dry quickly.
2. Matador Pocket Blanket – Perfect for anyone who wants something that will take up minimal space. The non-rip nylon material packs down to the size of your hand.
3. Oversize Blanket – Perfect for anyone who wants a waterproof blanket that’s extra-large. Great for when you want to create a safe play space for your toddler.


Grill Trade Fire Starters - 50pcs Grill Starter Made of Pine Wood Shavings & Food-Grade Wax - Lighter Log with 8-10 Minutes Burning Time - Weatherproof & Odorless - Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Use

While these are good for anyone who is camping, when you’re a parent and need things to be easy, Firestarter Cubes can save you a lot of hassle and time. No need to fiddle with cardboard and newspaper to get a fire started. Also, no one has newspapers casually laying around anymore! We love that these are all-natural and won’t have that awful chemical smell when lit. .


Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh, Outdoor USB C Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels, 3A Fast Charge External Battery Pack with 3 USB Outputs Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

Again, this is something that any camper would need, but when camping with toddlers, it’s nice to know you have a way to charge up your devices. The solar power bank from Hiluckey has two USB ports and can charge an iPhone up to seven times. It also includes a 3 mode flashlight, perfect for lighting up the tent at night.


Deuter Kikki Kid's Backpack for School and Hiking - Avocado-Alpinegreen

Our son really enjoys having his own hiking backpack. He likes being able to collect rocks and leaves and we enjoy that he carries his own snacks and water. Choosing a backpack is really about having something cute and fun that your toddler can enjoy. We really love the quality of the Deuter Kids Backpack. You can also check out other cute backpacks HERE to see what fits your kids’ style.


Body Glove Dinosaur Swim Life Jacket Multicolor, Child

Camping is often synonymous with hanging out by the water, so you’ll want to make sure to pack a life jacket for your toddler if that’s in your plans. We like this life jacket from Body Glove because it is coast guard approved and helps them to get comfortable with swimming. It does not inflate and deflate, so if you want something that can flatten and take up less space, you can opt for this space-saving swim vest from Splash About. It helps kids float and learn how to swim, but isn’t certified to be a life-saving device, so you will need to keep a watchful eye if you’re using this life vest.


BINIDUCKLING Kids Rain Jacket Toddler Raincoat Girls Boys Spring Jacket Size 6 Gray

If you’re traveling somewhere that has the possibility of rain, you might want to pack up a light rain jacket so your little one can still enjoy their outdoor adventures. We like this cozy, waterproof rain jacket that comes in several bright colors.

Did you make it all the way through!? Let us know if you have any questions about the products or if you have a recommendation on the best camping gear for toddlers.

Happy camping!

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