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Post Summary: A fun, creative list of camping gifts for kids that are perfect for every type of outdoor kid.

Are you looking for the best camping gifts for kids and stumped about what to get? Maybe you’re planning a few camping trips and wondering if you should get binoculars or a compass? Flashlight or headlamp? Scooter or bike?

We’ve compiled a full list of 45 fun, creative, and outdoor-themed camping presents for kids. We made sure to think of presents that are fun for kids and will have them giddy with excitement for their next big camping trip.

Translation: we won’t be recommending useful camping gifts like a water bottle.

Now look, reusable water bottles and sleeping bags are an essential piece of camping gear for kids, but will the average seven-year-old be excited when they open up their gift and see a water bottle? Maybe. Will they be STOKED when they see a slackline kit? Yes. Yes, they will.

That’s what we’re going for here. Kids that are wiggling, giggling and jumping for joy to play with their kids camping gifts. Without further adieu, check out our complete list below of camping gift ideas for kids.

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Is there anything more classic than S’mores and camping? Take it up a notch with a S’mores kit that comes with all the fixings plus roasting stick skewers that can extend up to 32″ long. As a family that used to do sticks found around the campsite, life got a lot easier when we bought the skewers. Safer for kids and a lot cleaner. You can also deviate from the conventional S’mores recipe and include fun marshmallow flavors from the brand Hammond. They do inventive flavors like caramel pumpkin, strawberry cream. toasted coconut, and birthday cake. You can see all their flavors here.


Walkie-talkies are the ultimate camping gift for kids that never gets old! The walkie-talkies from Obuby are high quality and built to last. Your kids can drop them, and they won’t get hurt. If you’re looking for camping gifts for toddlers, you’ll like these walkie-talkies because it has a nifty feature where you don’t have to press a button to talk, a hard concept to grasp for young toddlers.


Easy setup and guaranteed play for hours make a slackline kit a perfect camping gift for kids. We love the portability of the Flybold Slackline Kit and that it can be set up virtually anywhere there are two trees. It comes with a training line so kids as young as five can climb up and work on their strength and balance.


On the other end of the spectrum, a hammock is a perfect kid’s camping gift for children who love to kick back and read a book. We always bring a hammock when we go camping, and even our “can’t stop moving for a moment” kid loves to sit in the hammock. We use the double Wise Owl Hammock made for two, but you can also opt for this hammock made especially for kids and toddlers.


Another fun hanging seat option is a hammock chair from Outree. I love these chairs and kids in particular love the cozy hidden feeling. It can be hung from a tree and set low to the ground, making it a great option for younger kids who can’t climb up as easily.


A headlamp is a great choice if you’re looking for kids camping toys that are under $30. It’s a useful gift (late-night walks to the bathroom, evening hikes) that’s also fun. Sun Company has a great assortment of headlamps with cute animal prints and roaring dinosaurs. You can see their full selection of headlamps here.

For kids who might prefer a headlamp with out animal designs, the Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp is a perfect choice. The headlamp is dimmable, uses AAA batteries, shines a rainbow of different colors, and has an auto shut off after two hours. Perfect for the budding outdoors kid who loves tactical gear. You can compare prices on Amazon and REI.


Encourage a child’s innate curiosity with a set of binoculars. If you’re gifting a toddler, you’ll want to buy easy-to-use, smash-proof binoculars that don’t require focusing. We like the GeoSafari Binoculars for their gentle magnification and large eyepieces. For older kids, the Obuby Kid’s Binoculars are lightweight, made of rubber (they won’t break), and can be used by kids who wear glasses. They also come in a wide variety of color choices.


A fun magnifying glass from Leffis is a great way to foster their zest for learning about the natural world around them. It’s a simple gift that promotes open-ended playing.


You fun gift that could accompany the magnifying glass is a book that will help kids identify could also add a leaf identification book that includes colorful pictures to help you learn about various wildlife and nature. The book is small so it’s a great one for taking to the campsite or on hike.

This book is part of a series called “take along books” that include a variety of fun identification books. Perhaps the child you’re gifting would be more into the Tracks, Scats, and Signs Book. You can see other options from the series here.


When looking for kids camping gear toys, a compass is an easy choice. They’re small, lightweight, and a great tool for teaching them outdoor skills. If you’re buying a compass for a young child, the compass from Sun Company comes in a clear acrylic moulding with a breakaway lanyard so it can be worn and taken off with ease. It comes in cute animal prints that kids will love.

If you’re gifting a child that will want a more “classic” looking compass, then go for this waterproof compass here.


A whistle they can attach to their backpack or wear around their neck is the perfect accessory to add to their outdoor gear. The Titanium Whistle is a beautifully made whistle that is a true emergenct whistle. Translation: it’s very loud. It’s a gift suited for older kids who won’t blow on it all day long.


Rather than buying the above gifts individually, you could also opt for an outdoor kit for kids that typically has a compass, whistle, binoculars, and other outdoor tools. They tend to be better for young kids as the toys can be rudimentary. There are so many kits out there, with a wide range of styles from camo military fatigues to bright primary colors. You can browse through different outdoor kits here.


A fun backpack that they can take with them on all their camping and hiking adventures is always a hit. Even better if you pack the backpack with a few extra gifts from above. We like the Deuter Kid’s Backpack for it’s cute animal print and Mountaintop Kids Backpack for their simple designs. So many backpacks are built to look cute but break down quickly. Go for quality!


A fun, physically active toy that kids can play with while camping is a foam rocket launcher. Our son has been playin with this toy since he was three. He can easily stay busy for an hour running and jumping onto the launcher. Bigger kids will enjoy seeing how high they can get the rockets to fly. The soft foam design means you can relax knowing nothing will break and nobody will get hurt.


Another option when looking for fun camping gifts for kids is the Duckura Slingshot Finger Rocket with LED lights. I like these slingshots rather than the typical wooden slingshot because the foam design means they can be played by all age groups. Plus, kids will have a blast turning on the LED lights and watching them fly at night.


Gifting a child with a portable ring toss set is a gift the entire family can enjoy. Camping is all about family time and nature, so a game like Ring Toss is always a hit. We like the traditional design of the Elite Sportz Ring Toss Game and the portable bag that comes with it.


Similar to a frisbee, Activ Flyer Rings are excellent for young kids because they’re 80% lighter making it easier for kids to catch. They fly straight and float in water, making them perfect for beach or lake days.

Older kids will fall in love with the Aerobie and its classic rubber design that allows the disc to fly straight and extra long distances. There truly is no other frisbee like an Aerobie!


If you’re looking for fun camping toys that are creative in nature, a rock painting kit could be just the thing. You could also opt to buy water-based paint pens if they don’t need a kit, but need the proper tools for rock painting.


If you’re looking for unique camping gift ideas, a rock tumbler is high on the list. While they won’t be able to play with it while they are camping, they can collect rocks from the beach or campsite that they can then take home to tumble and shine to perfection. I like the National Geographic Rock Tumbler Kit because rock tumblers can be quite loud, and this model reduces noise by 75%. Most rock tumblers have to be run for at least seven days, so you’ll be glad you made that choice!

I also like the Cayama Rock Tumbler for younger kids that will like the cute animal design. I gifted this to my five-year-old son and he was instantly stoked to put it together and put the rocks into the snail.


This is one of the best gifts for outdoor kids since knowing how to properly tie knots is essential to the outdoor lifestyle. It’s also really fun to learn! You can buy a knot-tying kit or the book My First Book Of Knots with some additional rope they can practice on.


One of the best camping gifts for kids is a kid-friendly metal detector, especially if you’re camping near a beach or lake where they can dig for hours in the sand. The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is great for younger kids (5-7) since it’s lightweight and easy to use. The National Geographic Detector is good for older kids since it’s slightly heavier, can detect a depth of 6 inches, and can be broken down for easy packability.


Camping is the best time to go stargazing. An easy-to-understand book with big pictures is a fantastic gift for a child who loves the night sky. 50 Things to See With A Telescope is a great guide for parents and kids to learn together about the magic of the constellations.


A companion gift to the above is a beginner telescope that they can use to spot planets and stars. The Gsyker Telescope is portable, lightweight, and has an adjustable tripod. I also love the camera attachment that’s perfect for taking incredible photos of the moon. This is a classic beginner telescope that will magnify what you can already see with the naked eye.


Nature-themed books that will encourage their curiosity and adventure are the perfect kids camping gift. On The Nature Trail has realistic photos that teach about nature and everything you would typically see on the trail. In addition, there’s a companion book to On The Nature Trail about birds called Bird Watch: What Will You Find?

There’s also the Exploring Nature Activity Book For Kids, which has 50 creative projects and interactive learning experiences that will get them excited about outdoor exploration.


Camping with family and friends means it’s time to do a scavenger hunt!! The Ultimate Book Of Scavenger Hunts is an awesome book with over 40 scavenger hunts. Set within different locations, you can use the book in the city, the forest, the beach, and more. From hard to difficult, the scavenger hunts are good for ages 4 and up.


A rope tree swing that can be climbed on and swung from is a great outdoor gift they can use at camp and at home. The set comes with everything you need and can be hung right from a tree.


A lightsaber might seem like a random choice when looking for camping gifts for kids, but anything that lights up for fun nighttime play is a great kids camping toy. This is a fantastic choice for the right kid who loves light-up toys and feeling like a Jedi. The Fun Little Toys lightsaber is a little more durable (you’ll want that), and the two-pack it comes with can be taken apart to become one long lightsaber.


Scooting around the campsite is one of the BEST ways for kids to play and get energy out while camping. We highly recommend it! Most scooters can pack down for easy portability. We like the Skidee Scooter for kids who are learning how to use a scooter and the Micro Kickboard Scooter for older kids.

29. BIKE

If they already have a scooter, you can also opt for a balance bike for toddlers or a standard two-wheel bike for kids.


If you’re looking for camping gift ideas for kids that are older (9 and up), a wilderness survival book could be the perfect thing. Survivor Kid, written by a former search and rescue worker, is packed with useful tips on strengthening one’s outdoor survival skills. It’s a pocket-sized book that includes how to start a fire without matches, how to mark trails, how to avoid injuries and more.


An explorer vest is a cute option for younger kids that will enjoy feeling like a park ranger or explorer in a vest with fun cargo pockets. If the look skews too young for older kids, they might like the look of a military camo vest.


A camouflage net from Nature Bound is the perfect open-ended gift for outdoorsy kids. It can be played with in a multitude of ways, whether they want to build a fort with it or make up their own game.


A subscription box tailored for fostering outdoor exploration can be a great continuous gift that they can enjoy for months to a year. Cratejoy offers a variety of subscription boxes including outdoor themed subscriptions that comes with outdoor items. A popular subscription is Think Outside Boxes and Think Outside Boxes for young kids. Typically, you are billed monthly so you can choose to do whatever amount of time you want. You can browse through different outdoor kits here.


This gift is perfect for the camp-loving kid who likes to build forts (and who doesn’t?). These small, flexible Stick Lets are to help your kid build a fort with real sticks. With an assortment of colors and shapes, they can twist and connect sticks using the Stick-lets. A fantastic open ended toy that’s great for all ages.


Camp life can often mean lazy days spent by a river or lake catching fish with your family. Gifting a child their first fishing pole can be the start of their lifelong love of fishing. This kid’s fishing pole is a lightweight choice that’s perfect for the kid who is just starting to learn.


A box with an assortment of outdoor crafts is the perfect camping gift for a kid who loves the outdoors and creative projects. It’s also great for when you need activities on rainy days. You could add a box with a flower press kit, dab and dot markers, water-soluble paints, coloring books, nature stickers, and more.


All the kids will be playing at your campsite when you bring out the giant bubble wand. The Wowmazing Kit comes with two bubble solution packets and an oversized wand.

TIP: Make sure to play with it far away from tents, so that the bubble solution doesn’t harm the tent.


A bow and arrow set is a great gift for older kids who can show restraint when using them. The Faux Bow & Arrow Set comes with foam arrows that can shoot as far as 100 feet. You can get bow and arrow sets that come with targets but they tend to be big and aren’t as portable as this set.


The right age to give a child their first knife is going to be different for each kid. Some start learning at 5 while others parents prefer to start older. We are big fans of the French knife company, Opinel, and like their rounded tip pocket knife. The knife is created for kids and has a rounded edge, a small handle, and a sheath for sake keeping. A better choice for kids who have the dexterity to open and close a knife safely.


While we said we would only be doing camping gift ideas for kids that a kid would actually enjoy, we think most young ones would like having their own dedicated camping chair. We like the Quik Shade Folding Canopy Chair since it has a sunshade, but you might also want to opt for a chair with a fun kid-friendly print like this dinosaur or unicorn chair.


Kids love feeling like they have an adult gadget. A Nexfinity Paracord bracelet will do the trick with its compass, fire starter, whistle, knife, and light. Plus, it’s pretty cool looking.


Take your camp fire to the next level with Mystical Fire. It’s as simple as throwing two or three packets into the fire and watching as it lights up in a technicolor display. It’s easy entertainment and your kids are guaranteed to love it. Each packet typically lasts for 30-45 minutes.


This is perfect for the family who loves to play games while camping and is comfortable with getting silly. From the makers of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito is a dodgeball card game where you throw squishy burritos at each other. I can’t say we’ve personally played the game, but I came upon it, and let’s just say it might be in my Amazon cart and on its way to my doorstep in two days or less. The game looks hilarious and perfect for the family who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.


A cozy hoodie they can throw on for early mornings or chilly evenings is perfect for weekend camping trips. This Mountain Deer Hoodie comes in a variety of colors and is a cotton blend.


Remember how I said I wouldn’t add a water bottle to a list of cool camping gifts for kids because most kids won’t care about them? Well, they’re actually really useful, and staying hydrated is cool. An insulated stainless steel water bottle from Camelback will keep their water ice cold for 24 hours and their hot chocolate toasty warm all day. Now that’s a good gift.

Have you found the perfect gift? We hope you enjoyed our list of the best camping gifts for kids. Happy exploring!

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