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Dog sledding in Montana is an iconic winter activity that should be on everyone’s winter bucket list. The exhilaration and joy of being pulled by an exuberant team of dogs through a snow-drenched forest is an adventure that will stay with you forever.

Montana is one of the best places in the US for dog sledding due to its majestic landscape and extended winter season. The beauty of dog sledding in Montana is that it allows you to explore Montana’s famed wilderness and take you to powder-white landscapes that are otherwise inaccessible.

Our first time dog sledding was when we visited Whitefish, Montana, in winter and our family still loves to call back to the memories of the musher barking out “Good Dawg!” and the pert swagger of the Huskies. It was the highlight of our trip and something we would absolutely do again.

Read on to learn about seven highly rated dog sledding in Montana experiences you’ll want to add to your own adventure bucket list..

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7 Places To Go Dog Sledding in Montana

A pack of sled dogs and one lone dog snarling and opening his mouth.
Pack of sled dogs pull a sled in snowy montana.

The Resort at Paws Up

Located in Greenough, Montana, one of the signature winter activities offered by The Resort at Paws Up is an adventure with their furry four-legged friends. 

Paws Up offers two different dog sledding experiences. The three-mile tour is a one-hour trip that begins with a friendly encounter with a team of huskies. After petting and socializing with the dogs, you’ll watch them get harnessed before heading out on an epic journey gliding through a winter wonderland. 

The Iditarod Experience offers everything mentioned above while also allowing you to drive the sled yourself. If you’ve ever dreamed of learning how to dog sled, you don’t want to miss this dog sledding in Montana experience. This two-hour-long journey includes hot chocolate to keep you toasty warm and plenty of opportunities to snap photos.

Each experience is open to ages three and up and is one of the many activities offered by the Resort at Paws Up. 

The Resort At Paws Up is one of Montana’s most sought-after resorts with luxury, adventure, and unspoiled wilderness, all wrapped up in one stunning package. This upscale mountain resort sits on 27,000 acres of property and is home to deluxe homes, treehouses, glamping safari tents, camping, dining, a spa, and an incredible number of activities. 

Along with dog sledding, the resort offers ATV tours, canoeing, cattle drives, cow croquet, fly-fishing, horse whispering, go-karting, horse-drawn carriage rides, skiing, and so much more. 

The Resort at Paws Up is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and, for many, a US bucket list place.

Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures

Located between West Yellowstone and Bozeman, Montana, is the much-lauded Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures. The founder, Jason Matthews, is an all-around outdoor savant with an impressive list of credentials, including a Master Naturalist, a professional wilderness guide, and an arctic explorer with National Geographic.

The Learn to Mush Dog Sled Adventure is a 2.5-hour dog sledding experience where you can choose to either learn how to drive a dog sled or ride along with a guide. Kids and younger adults also have the opportunity to drive a unique double-driver sled. 

The tour begins at base camp, where you can enjoy a heated canvas tent, a campfire, and some snacks/hot beverages. This will also be the time to learn about the basics of mushing before heading out on a several-mile trail. 

Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures also offers non-winter sled dog adventures available during October, November, and April. The experience is quite similar, except there is no snow, and you’ll be able to play with the huskies, learn about dog sledding, and then go on a ride in one of the company’s customized dog carts. 

The company strives to avoid unintentional breeding, and most dogs are spayed or neutered.

Dog Sled Adventures

Fly through the woods with Dog Sled Adventures; a dog sledding tour company started by Jeff Ulsamer in 1979 with dogs he proudly rescued from a local animal shelter. 

Since then, Dog Sled Adventures has been mushing and providing some of the best dog sledding in Montana. Today, the company is home to over 130 dogs that pull safe and cozy sleds that can accommodate families and groups of any size. 

Located in Olney, Montana, right outside Whitefish, this experience is all about relaxing and enjoying the scenery with a few light thrills for good measure. They’ll tuck you into a comfy warm sled before being pulled by a team of dogs through the foothills of the Whitefish Range. The trail is twelve miles long, and the tour lasts around an hour and a half. 

Look elsewhere if you want to learn how to drive your own sled. This tour is about being wrapped in warm fur and seated on plush cushions as you are guided through some of the most majestic sights of an unforgettable winter wonderland. 

Dog Sled Adventures is open to all ages and disabilities. They are also another company that uses only rescue dogs.

Base Camp Bigfork

If you want a unique dog sledding experience in Montana, look no further than Base Camp Bigfork. Their secluded lodge is located in Bigfork and offers overnight stays and year-round Montana adventures.

The best part of dog sledding at Base Camp Bigfork is that they customize all tours based on your needs, wants, and abilities. They provide a hands-on approach for those who want to learn how to mush. Whatever you want to know, they’ll be open to teaching. 

However, the main attraction is their working Inuit sled dogs, a rare breed that loves to pull. Fun fact, the Inuit dogs are the only domestic animals in the Arctic and the last remaining aboriginal dog from the Americas. 

Each trip with the company is private, and they offer a half-day or full-day dog sledding experience. Each tour includes learning about dog sledding, taking a tour of the dog yard, harnessing the dogs, and mushing your own team of Inuit dogs. The full-day adventure also includes more back-country adventures and a fire-side trail lunch. 

If you want to warm up after being out in the snow all day, they also offer a winter sauna session that you can book after your tour.

Base Camp Bigfork offers tours for participants 12 years older and therefore is unsuitable for young children. This is a more active dog sledding experience, and individuals need to be physically fit. 

Triple Creek Ranch

In the heart of the Bitterroot Mountain Range, Triple Creek Ranch is an all-inclusive luxury ranch resort that offers world-class accommodation, unforgettable cuisine, soothing spa services, and unique experiences. 

This is the perfect place if you want a thrilling dog sledding experience and the option to relax and nourish with top-notch spa treatments.

All their dog sledding tours are two hours long and are the sit-back and relax kind of ride. The dogs will take you through the Nez Perce Forest, giving you the chance to take in all the sublime beauty of Montana in the winter.

Spirit of the North Dog Sled Adventures

Located around 20 minutes from the Big Sky Mountain Village lies Moonlight Basin, the location of Spirit of the North.

As you arrive for your adventure, you’ll meet with your guide, who will happily answer any questions, provide more information on dog sledding, and get you fitted with more cold gear if needed. If you are interested in driving the sled yourself, your guide can also provide some hands-on instruction on how to do so. 

The tour is open to children two years of age and older, with ages two to six-riding free. The complete experience lasts two hours and includes photo opportunities, hot chocolate, and homemade cookies.

Winter Woods Dog Sled Tours

For a more hands-on, small, and personalized experience, Winter Woods Dog Sled Tours, located in Whitefish, Montana, is a small operation led by the owners Butch and Sara, who have been racing and training dogs for over thirty years.

Their tours are for a maximum of two people and are for active outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn how to drive a dog team. 

Each tour lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours and includes hands-on instruction on the basics of mushing. Then it’s off on a 40-50 minute adventure through the winding and snow-covered trails of the Stillwater State Forest.

Once you’re back at base camp, you can choose to help put the dogs away or watch and learn how the experts do it. You can also socialize with the dogs before enjoying a complimentary cup of coffee, hot apple cider, or hot chocolate. 

Winter Woods Dog Sled Tours only does one daily tour (morning or afternoon), so reservations are strongly recommended. 

Tours are open to participants 12 years and older who are in good physical shape. 

Final Thoughts: Dog Sledding in Montana

a pack of dogs pulling a sled in the winter in Whitefish Montana

Whether you are looking for a family excursion or interested in learning how to mush, there are plenty of dog sledding tours in Montana, regardless of your needs, abilities, and wants. 

Remember to double-check what type of experience each tour offers. As demonstrated in our list, some companies only offer tours for active outdoor enthusiasts, while others cater to those who crave a more relaxing experience. And above all else, remember to book reservations in advance!

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