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Post Summary: Must have glamping accessories that will make your next camping adventure a little more luxe and a whole lot easier.

Luxury camping, or glamping, as it’s more commonly called, is the perfect solution for anyone who loves the idea of sleeping out under the stars but isn’t so keen on the “roughing it” part of camping.

We have backpacked, car camped, lived in a remodeled camper, made a DIY glamping tent in the backyard, and I have to say…glamping has a special place in our hearts. It combines everything we love: the outdoors, camping, and beautiful design.

While going on a glamping getaway where everything is built and ready for you definitely has its perks, it can also cost as much as a luxury hotel. If you’re wanting to create your own glamping experience by adding some cool glamping gear for your next camping trip, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our list of 25 glamping accessories that will elevate your tent from camping to glamping.

Some of them are glamping essentials that we would consider glamping must haves. Others might be considered a bit much, but hey, it’s glamping! Glamping by its very nature is a little bit “extra.”

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The first thing you’ll want to invest in when looking for essential glamping gear is a cozy mattress pad. The upgrade from an uncomfortable air mattress or sleeping bag to a foam camping pad will convert you for life. There’s just no comparing the quality of comfort and sleep you’ll get on a camping pad vs. an air mattress.

If you’re looking for luxury camping equipment, you’ll want to buy the HEST Sleep System Sleeping Pad. Its thick 2 layer foam system rivals an at-home mattress. With thick insulation and contouring foam, the HEST Sleeping Pad is the top choice for a great night’s sleep under the stars. It’s big and bulky and not intended for backcountry camping. It is a true piece of glamping equipment!

Another option, at a slightly lower price point, is a Therm-A-Rest MondoKing Camping Pad. These are the camping pads we use, and they are wonderful. We bought two XL sizes and put them together to make a queen bed. My husband’s a back sleeper, and I’m a side sleeper, and we’ve never woken up feeling aches and pains from these camping pads. The pad is on the firm side, so if you really want to up your luxury factor, add this memory foam mattress topper. You can compare prices for the Therm-A-Rest MondoKing Camping Pad on REI and Amazon.


A Pendleton Blanket that sits atop your cozy camping pads is the ultimate in fancy camping gear. We use a Pendleton Sherpa blanket for our glamping setup, but we also love the Pendleton White Sands Coverlet Blanket and the Pendleton Jacquard Throw. If you’ll be doing cold weather camping, then their signature wool blanket is an investment that will last a lifetime.


A cozy glamping chair to lounge and watch the sunset or roast some marshmallows is luxury camping gear that is worth every penny. Believe me, as someone who has used $10 camping chairs, the difference is noticeable. The Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is a cross between a camping chair and a recliner…that rocks. Using your body weight, you can opt to recline back and rest on the padded headrest, or you can sit upright and use it as a conventional camping chair. It’s particularly useful glamping gear if you’ll be doing any stargazing. You can compare prices for the chair on REI and Amazon.

For something more affordable and still chic, you can opt for the Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair. They’re sturdy, breathable, and come in an array of cute colors.


A hammock to pass away hours of your day is an essential item on any glamping list. We use the Wise Owl Camping Hammock and love that they are easy to set up, can safely be hung from a tree, and that you can buy a double-wide so you can laze with your family or loved one. It packs up small and comes in a variety of bright colors. Perfect for anyone who will be glamping at a campsite. If you’ll be setting up backyard glamping, you could opt for a hammock chair that hangs from a tree or a porch.


Setting up solar-powered cafe lights in your campsite instantly transforms your camp into a dreamy haven. We string up our Perfect Day Solar Cafe Lights to the outside of our tent and love the way it looks when night comes and they turn on. The best part about them is they are solar, so you won’t need any electricity. They provide just enough light that you can feel comfortable sitting outside without needing camping lanterns.


Beautiful camping lanterns that sit on both sides of your bed are the ultimate design tool for a Pinterest-worthy glamping setup. Ambient lighting is also one of the most cost-effective ways to create a heavenly space. I love the bamboo wrapping, and vintage-inspired look of the Cammile LED Camping Lantern and the sleek modern look of the Cammile Table Lamp. They both have power banks, so you can charge your devices at night. Anything that has multi-functionality is a big win.


Side tables to flank both sides of your camping pads are essential glamping tent accessories. Not only are they functional, but they also help to create a bedroom aesthetic that takes you from camp to glamp. We love our iClimb Ultralight Camping Tables because they come in natural wood color, are lightweight, and pack up into a small bag. Perfect for glamping at a campsite.

**You can see pictures of the camping tables and our glamping set up in our backyard glamping post.


One of the easiest things to take glamping that won’t take up a lot of space when you’re packing is battery-operated fairy lights. They’re small and can be artfully hung around your tent for an ethereal, magical nighttime experience. Hang them up around the tent or over your bed for a simple decoration that brings a lot of atmosphere. I prefer lights like these Star Fairy Lights that have a remote control so you can lie down in your bed and choose when you want to turn them off. It’s glamping, right?


Another lighting option that has a more elegant feel is a solar-powered paper lantern. Hang it from a tree or in your tent to create a whimsical space. I love the handmade paper lanterns from Allsop because they come in a variety of rich colors and have beautiful ornate patterns.


Glamping accessories that add texture and cozy vibes are rugs strewn around your tent. We like using our faux sheepskin rugs since they’re lightweight and roll up easily. We like that you can throw them over a camping chair and instantly make an aluminum chair seem more glamorous. You can also buy authentic sheepskin rugs if you want the soft luxury of sheepskin.

If you’re camping in hot temperatures, a sheepskin rug might become uncomfortable in the heat, in which case machine-washable cotton rugs like this one and this one are perfect for laying down at the foot or beside your glamping bed.


Depending on where you’re camping, you might not have access to a fire pit. The next best thing? A campfire in a can. The Radiate Portable Campfire is lit up with one match and can burn for 3-5 hours. When you’re done, smother the fire with the lid for a no-fuss campfire. Using recycled soy wax and recycled paper briquettes, the fire is free of embers and toxic smoke. The best part? You can roast marshmallows as long as you buy the original, unscented radiate campfire.


Love the idea of a portable campfire, but want something more permanent than the Radiate Campfire? The BioLite FirePit is a smoke-free, wood-burning fire pit that can also be used as a hibachi-style grill. If you want to up the amazingness of the fire pit, you can buy the USB and solar charger carrier, allowing you to use it anytime, anywhere.


You can’t go glamping and not make artisan S’mores. Get yourself some classic Lindt chocolate or go unique with bacon chocolate bars and pair them with a pack of gourmet marshmallows from Hammond.

Prep your S’mores with these extendable marshmallow roasting sticks from Jolly Green. I love these telescoping skewers because they extend up to 34 inches making the whole S’more making experience easier and safer. Also, you can use them for hot dogs!


Can you start a fire with a match? Yes. Will you save yourself ten minutes with this torch? Also, yes. A torch is the best glamping gadget for those who are tired of endlessly trying to get the fire going. Once we bought this torch, we wondered why the heck we had waited so long. Now we can have s’mores ten minutes sooner!


You’ll need a cooler to store your yummy goodies and to keep your S’mores chocolate from melting. If you’re doing a few days of camping, you can’t beat the Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler. Slim and lightweight with excellent insulation, this cooler is a utilitarian and chic piece of glamping equipment. Plus, you can fit a bottle of wine standing up. You can compare prices for the Yeti Cooler on REI and Amazon.

If you’ll need to store more food, opt for the Yeti Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler. With a handle and a wheel, you won’t strain your back trying to lift a heavy cooler to your campsite.


If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your glamping items, then you’ll want to ditch the cooler (and all that sloshy ice) and get yourself a portable fridge. Dometic offers the best portable refrigerators and is a no-brainer when looking for which fridge to purchase. It can be battery or solar-powered, and the best part…it makes ice! They are well built, and unlike other portable fridges that lose their efficiency at around 80 degrees, the Dometic fridge can withstand hot summer days. You can compare prices on Dometic and Amazon.


The king of all glamping gadgets is having your own portable power station. While camping is a time to “unplug” you also might want to “plug in” a compressor fridge, a coffee pot, a pump, or simply recharge your devices. The Jackery Power Station will keep you sufficiently plugged in so you can enjoy the outdoors with a few luxurious electronics by your side.


Top on our list of must-have glamping accessories for kids is a box of Mystical Fire Packets. Although we enjoy it as much as our child does, so perhaps it should be on everyone’s must-have list! Throw a packet (or two or three) into your campfire and watch as a kaleidoscope of colors bursts through the flames. It’s easy entertainment and typically lasts for 30-45 minutes.


A cute picnic basket with a prepared spread of charcuterie and wine is the quintessential glamping experience. The only problem is picnic baskets are not practical. They’re big, bulky, and don’t pack up well. The solution…the modern-day picnic basket that packs onto your back. The cute picnic baskets from Sunflora come in a variety of different patterns and come with a holder for a bottle of wine, a picnic blanket, dishes, utensils, wine glasses, a cutting board, a wine opener, and a large insulated food compartment. It’s practical and cute! Perfect if you’ll be doing a casual hike while you’re glamping and want to set up a picnic mid-hike.


When looking for boho camping accessories, you’ll want to include a pretty blanket to throw over the picnic table provided at most campsites. I like to use a picnic blanket that doubles as a tablecloth. It instantly makes your campsite feel homier. Also, picnic benches can be dirty, so it’s an easy way to stay clean. The key is to get a picnic blanket like this one that is extra-large, has a waterproof backing, and can be cleaned in the washing machine. I prefer the green checkered blanket, but I like that they also have the classic red and white picnic blanket.


While glamping under the stars can conjure up dreamy images of cooking food over an open flame, the realities of campfire cooking can sometimes be too much for someone who just wants to relax on their glamping trip. Enter the Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Oven. When I saw the neighboring campsite make pizza in this for his family, I knew I was glamping all wrong. The options are limitless with this portable propane-powered oven.


Another great option for dining is to get a Lodge cast iron dutch oven. The classic American brand, Lodge, offers cast iron products at an affordable price. Perfect for someone who wants to glamp but still wants to feel like they’re camping.


Charming camping mugs to sip your morning tea or coffee are glamping essentials 101. We love an insulated mug from Hydroflask because it keeps the coffee hot for hours, but we’re also partial to classic enamel mugs with a cute designs.


Luxury camping items have to include wine glasses that are not made of plastic. But how do you transport all that delicate glass? With silicone-sleeved stemless wine glasses. If you’re like me and don’t enjoy drinking wine from a plastic cup, you’ll want to buy these cute glasses that allow you to enjoy the aesthetic and sensually pleasing nature of a wine glass.


A high-quality, durable, waterproof speaker for listening to great tunes while you relax is camping luxury at its best. We like to use our Ultimate Ears Portable Speaker because it’s wireless, can pair up with Alexa, and its round shape allows for sound to carry in all directions.


Having a few power banks are necessary glamping essentials, but a solar-powered power bank can help reduce the number of wires and gear you need to bring. When you’re glamping, the less clutter, the better. Let it charge during the day and use it at night when you plug in your devices.


A pair of comfortable slippers to wear in the tent are always a part of our glam camping accessories. The first time I ever tried UGG’s Ansley slippers, I became a fan for life. They’re luxurious, cozy, and will keep your feet warm. For men, my husband uses the UGG Romeo Slippers.

If you’ll be glamping in hot weather, then opt for these cooling Japanese-style slip-on slippers.


Since lounging around is a part of the glamping lifestyle, I like to have shoes that are for hanging out around camp. The Teva Moc slippers are adventure-ready, hip shoes that can be easily washed and cleaned after hanging out around dusty glamp sites. You can look through the different colors for men’s Moc slippers here and women’s Moc slippers here.


Glamping accessories that ensure you a good night’s rest are key to a great glamping experience. A rechargeable, battery-operated sound machine will drown out all the noises that campsites and backyard glamping can have. We used ours to muffle the trains that were passing by us every hour in the night. Worked like a charm. We never glamp without our sound machine.


You’ll want to add an eye mask to your glamping accessories if you’re light-sensitive. The early morning light that filters through the tent can often mean a much earlier wake-up time than you had hoped for. We like these eye masks because they don’t squeeze the skin, are light reducing, and can be used by back sleepers and side sleepers.

Which of these glamping accessories are you going to use? Let us know if you have any other essential glamping supplies that are always on your list.

Happy Glamping!

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