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Plot Summary: A complete list from a fellow national park fanatic of the 25 best gifts for national park lovers.

When we hit the road to explore the US with our two-year-old in tow, top on our list was visiting as many national parks as we could. It’s safe to say we are National Park fanatics. If you have a friend or loved one, like us, that absolutely loves the outdoors and you’re wondering what to get them for their next birthday or gift-giving holiday, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a complete list of 25 fun national park gift ideas and national park collectibles that will satisfy every forest loving tree hugger.

We’ve got national park gifts that are right “on the nose” as well as gifts that could be great for anyone who loves the outdoors.

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25 Gifts For National Park Lovers

America The Beautiful Pass

national park pass

The national park pass is perfect for someone who frequents national parks or someone who is going on an upcoming national park road trip. It’s the closest thing you can get to a national park gift card. The pass not only gets you entrance into all the National Parks, but it also includes more than 200o federal recreation sites like national landmarks and national monuments. The pass is valid for one year and covers entrance for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at parks that charge per car or up to 4 adults at parks that charge per person. You can find more information here.

National Park Passport

Once you become national park obsessed, you’ll become equally obsessed with filling up your national park passport. Just like a government-issued passport, you take your national park passport to every new park you visit and get an official stamp from the visitors center. Why do we love these so much… because stamps are cool! It’s a badge of honor and the perfect national park collectible to commemorate your time visiting the parks. There’s a wide variety of national park passports available and this one here is the standard one sold in most national park sites. We tend to like the ones sold by individual sellers that are a little more creative with extra room for writing down notes and interesting memories. We like this one for its nice design and this leather-bound journal/passport for it’s elegant and rustic feel. Both feel a little more high end and distinguished than the official national park journal sold at the visitor shops.

National Parks Guide Books

Anyone looking for gifts for people who love national parks should look no further than a glorious travel book from National Geographic. The Complete National Parks book offers more comprehensive information for anyone looking to plan a trip, while 100 Parks, 5000 Ideas offers short summaries with outstanding photos that we’ve all come to expect from National Geographic. Both are visually appealing books that would make great coffee table books. If you are looking for a book that’s straight photography with limited writing, National Geographic also has the book The National Parks: An Illustrated History.

National Park Memoirs

If you want to do something different than a national park guide book, getting a national park memoir is a great alternative. Leave Only Footprints is a well-written travel memoir from Connor Knighton. Fresh from a break up with his fiance, Knighton goes on a journey to every single national park in America. He offers interesting history and trivia to the parks while weaving in his own personal stories. I loved reading this book and would recommend it to any national park fan who’s also a book lover. There’s also Ranger Confidential: Living, Working, and Dying in the National Parks, an outstanding travel book from a former park ranger. In it, she details with humor and depth an extraordinary first-hand account of life as a park ranger.

National Park Themed Shirts

People who love national parks, also like to let everyone know they like national parks by wearing national park themed t-shirts. Hey, we’re not judging. We wear those hip t-shirts too! Now, how to decide which shirt to get? We love this vintage-inspired Yellowstone t-shirt and the graphic design of this Grand Teton t-shirt. A shirt like this isn’t right on the nose but is still a great choice for someone looking for a national park themed gift.

If none of the above appeals to you, check out this collection of national park inspired t-shirts to find the right fit.

National Park Hoodie

How many hoodies can one national park lover own? Silly question, there’s never enough! We think this is one of the best gifts for national park lovers out there. Snug, cozy, useful, and a shout out to their love of the national park system. We like this one here, but honestly, we have a hard time choosing one singular one, so check out this full collection of national park hoodies here.

National Park Baseball Hat

Staying with the theme of clothing for a national park lover, a baseball hat is not only a great gift, it’s utilitarian since every hiker needs a good hat to keep the sun out of their face. We like this Grand Teton baseball hat for its simple design and this hat from the famed wool weaving brand, Pendleton. If you want to see a few different options of hats, click here to see more options.

National Parks Poster

Top on our list of national park themed gifts is to get a national park poster. In the late ’30s, President Roosevelt created a program called the Work Projects Administration (WPA) that was created to generate employment during the worst years of the Great Depression. Born out of that initiative was the WPA Poster Collection consisting of 907 posters that publicized community initiatives and programs. Today, there is a great boom of artists creating national park posters in the style of the old WPA poster collection. Most notably is the artist Rob Decker, famous for studying under Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park. You can see his posters here. While we love his work, there are a lot of other great posters from different artists available. You can check them out here.

National Park Water Bottle

national park design water bottle

Having a great water bottle is essential to anyone visiting the national parks. This Hydro Flask water bottle is our favorite brand and has its own national park themed bottles. Even if you don’t want to get one with a national park design, a plain Hydro Flask is still an excellent gift for a national park lover. Fill it up with ice-cold water or hot coffee, and it will stay the same temperature for over 12 hours. Perfect for when you’re doing a long hike, and you need ice-cold water to stay hydrated and comfortable.

Compare prices for the standard Hydro Flask on Amazon or Backcountry.

National Park Stickers

National park stickers are great options if you’re looking for a gift for a younger person or an adult who’s young at heart. You can emblazon these on your Hydro Flask water bottle, your iPad, or put them in your uber-cool national parks passport from above. You can choose from these bright vinyl decals or these vintage looking stickers.

National Park Adventure Guide

If you love the idea of a passport, guidebook, and stickers all wrapped into one, then the National Park Adventure Guide is the perfect national parks gift. This adventure guide is a travel-sized book with all the national parks included with space to take notes, a top ten list of highlights for each park, educational facts, and stickers for each park to commemorate your visit.

National Park Candles

If you have a candle lover, then the national park collection from Good & Well Supply Co is the perfect national park themed gift. We love the aesthetic of the tin can and that each candle is hand-poured in their company’s home base of Washington state. The company says each scent is “inspired and derived from the wild and pristine lands of America’s National Parks and monuments.” You can view and purchase the candles here. Another good option for national park candles are the candles from Paddywax Candles. Offering a different aesthetic than the Good & Well Supply Co, this is great for someone who would prefer a simple clean design in their candle. You can view and purchase the candles here.

National Park Pendleton Blanket

If you are looking for a luxurious national parks gift, you can’t go wrong with a Pendleton blanket from their national parks collection. Made in their mill in Washington from pure virgin wool, a Pendleton blanket is the coziest, warmest blanket you could get for anyone who will be camping in the parks.

Compare prices for the Pendleton blanket on Amazon and Backcountry.

National Park Board Games

A national park board game is a great gift for a family who loves national parks or will be visiting one soon with their little ones. Trekking the National Parks is an award-winning board game that was created with the help of parents who have traveled to every national park. Educational and stimulating, it’s a fun pick if someone is looking to inspire the travel bug in their kids. You could also opt for Trekking the National Parks: The Family Trivia, a trivia game created by the same game makers.

National Park Coffee Mug

A great coffee mug is something any coffee lover/national park lover can enjoy. We enjoy the mugs from Pendleton that have national park graphics, but you can also get adventure inspired camping mugs like these.

Hiking Boots

Seeing as hiking is the #1 activity in national parks, high-quality hiking shoes are a must. Our go-to brand for hiking shoes is Danner. Established in 1932, this highly regarded shoe company has stood the test of time and sticks to what it does best – high-quality hiking shoes. We use and love the Jag Hiking boot for women and men.

Compare prices for the women’s Jag hiking boot on Amazon and Backcountry.
Compare prices for the men’s Jag hiking boot on Amazon and Backcountry.

National Parks Scratch Off Maps

A fun and creative national park gift is a scratch-off travel print of all the national parks. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who is embarking on a national park road trip, or a traveler who you know will attempt to see as many parks as possible. Set up to be a display piece in a home, it also serves to be a beautiful piece of decoration.


If you’re looking for national parks gift that will suit the lifestyle of someone who frequents national parks, then a hammock is the perfect gift. Whether they use it for camping or midday naps while backpacking through the backcountry, a hammock is a unique gift that any outdoorsy person would love to get. You can opt for a lightweight lounging hammock like this one or a high-end durable hammock like this one that a backpacker would enjoy.

Kindle Membership

One of our favorite national park gift ideas is a membership to Kindle Unlimited. Most National Parks are wifi dead zones (and we like it that way) so if you’re camping or lodging in the park, it’s nice to have a book as a source of entertainment. If you really want to double down on your gift, you can even gift them a Kindle with a subscription to go with it. I like Kindle Unlimited because it offers a small pool of audible books as well, which can be nice for long driving days. You can see pricing for Kindle unlimited here.

Audible Membership

Another choice is to gift a subscription from Audible, a “books on tape” service, rather than a kindle subscription. This is a great choice for anyone who is doing a long-distance road trip and wants some entertainment on the road. You can check out the various plans here.

John Muir Themed Gift

John Muir is affectionately known as the “Father of The National Parks.” If you’re looking for a gift for someone who not only loves national parks but also has a deep affinity and respect for nature, then anything inspired by John Muir is as good as you can get when looking for national park gifts. We recommend Our National Parks and Wilderness Essays if you’re looking for books from John Muir. You can also get this beautiful mountain necklace with his most famous quote inscribed on the card. Lastly, this collection of nicely designed notecards with his writings is a great option as well. Perhaps with postage stamps so they can send letters on their journey.

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The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs is one of many books from the extraordinary Tristan Gooley. In this fantastic book, he shares 850 tips for understanding signs from weather, scents, tree directions, flower formations, and more. It’s the ultimate book for the person who yearns to feel skilled while navigating the outdoors. If this book tickles your fancy, look around at his other books here to see what else you might like.

Solar Power Charger

Being able to have a charger that doesn’t need to be plugged into anything is GOLD. This is the ultimate national park gift for someone who is also a gear lover. Any national park lover knows that electricity is not something that’s easy to come by, so having a solar-powered charger can be all the difference when your phone is dying because you’ve been taking jaw-dropping photos all day of the mountains. The solar power bank from GoerTek has three USB ports and can charge an iPhone up to seven times. It also includes a 3 mode flashlight, perfect for when you’re stumbling around your campsite at night.

Leatherman Multi Tool

For any national park lovers that also spend a lot of time camping or hiking through the backcountry, a great leatherman will always be a prime gift idea. We suggest this leatherman designed specifically for camping and outdoor lovers. Equipped with all the typical leatherman tools (hammer, pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw) it also comes with a firestarter, safety whistle, and a bottle opener.

National Parks Donation Gift

Lastly, if none of the above gifts strike a chord, consider the best national parks gift idea of them all – a donation in the gift recipient’s name. Anyone who is a national park lover would want to contribute to helping these incredible American landmarks survive and thrive. The National Park Foundation is the official charitable partner of the National Park Service. You can donate and read about their work here.

We hope you were inspired by our list of the best gifts for national park lovers. If you have any other fun ideas for great national park gifts, let us know in the comments below.

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