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A Snapshot of Boise: 17 Places To Take Instagram-Worthy Pictures

Post Summary: 17 of Boise’s best photo spots for your Instagram feed.

Are you looking to get out and explore the city of Boise from behind the lens? While Boise is an outdoor haven blessed with photogenic landscapes, the city also offers compelling architecture, vibrant street art, and historical landmarks that provide fantastic photo opportunities.

As an Idaho adventurer, I’ve had the joy of living in, exploring, and photographing Idaho’s capital city.

Whether you’re a local looking for new places to explore or a visitor wanting to capture the essence of Boise, this guide is brimming with insider tips on great places to take pictures in Boise.

Grab your camera, and let’s journey through Boise’s most Instagrammable spots.

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You can’t talk about taking photos in Boise without mentioning Freak Alley Gallery. This open-air exhibit is an evolving canvas of vibrant street art. Every corner is an explosion of colors and creativity – perfect for a fun, artsy shot. It’s the largest outdoor mural collection in the North West and quite popular, so get there early if you want to have no one else in your shots.

TIP: Every artist signs their name on their mural, and some even include an Instagram handle! If you’re going to use their artwork on your Instagram, do your best to tag or credit them!

Location: (Map Link)


While Freak Alley may get all the fanfare, there’s another “alley” in Boise that showcases inspiring people who have changed the world with their bravery and activism. In the heart of downtown Boise is the Oliver Russel Building, a local business that uses its space as a canvas for inspiration and artistry. It’s lovingly dubbed “Inspiration Alley” and is becoming a staple for visitors and locals to photograph.

The murals are expanding and growing as it’s a relatively new addition to the city’s vibrant art scene. It showcases large portraits of Colin Kaepernick, Dolores Huerta, Maya Moore, Dolly Parton, Malala Yousafzai, and more. Walk around the entire building, and be sure to check out the original mural from over 15 years ago of a bodybuilder with “I love you” written under it—a favorite for hip engagement photos.

Location: (Map Link)

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Originally a laundry facility in the 1900s, the historic Linen Building is a renovated gem that now serves as a multipurpose event venue. With its exposed brick walls, industrial chic vibe, and crisp black and white exterior, you’ll surely find some fun shots. The neighborhood around it, the Linen District, is just as intriguing, with colorful street art all around. Be sure to check out the back of the building to see the murals as well as the artwork on the fence to the west of the building. It features the “Essential Yet Invisible” series from Boise artist Miguel Almeida.

Location: (Map Link)


Standing tall and proud against the Boise skyline, the Idaho State Capitol Building is a grand neoclassical structure. The Capitol, with its stately columns, expansive steps, and regal dome, is a testament to architectural beauty and history, making it a must-visit for anyone with an appreciation for elegance.

While the outside is a fantastic spot to get some Insta inspiration, don’t forget to go inside! The standout area is undoubtedly the rotunda. Gaze up, and you’re treated to a view of the stunning dome from the inside. In addition, the marble corridors and grand staircases are a dream for any photographer with a love for symmetry and detail.

The best time to snap shots inside the capital is mid-morning to early afternoon. This is when the natural light from the dome and windows is at its most brilliant, bathing the interior in a soft, even glow. Avoid late afternoons when shadows can become more pronounced and may obscure the intricate details of the interior design. Also, remember that this is a functioning state capitol so be mindful of legislative sessions and public tours.

Location: (Map Link)


Table Rock is the most popular hike in Boise and an excellent spot for sweeping views of the Boise Valley. A moderate hike takes you to a flat plateau with several photo ops, including a giant white cross and craggy boulders. While the views might be what you hike up for, the technicolor graffiti that lines the cliffs of Table Rock also makes for interesting photos and color variation.

Table Rock is a prime sunset viewing spot and a fantastic option if you’re looking for golden hour shots with Boise in the background.

Location: (Map Link)

TIP: Table Rock is a well-trafficked hike, so if you want something with slightly fewer people, you can also try Castle Rock, which takes off from the same location. The views aren’t as grand, but the trade-off is there will be fewer people.


Father holding toddler in a shoulder carrier. Toddler peaks over dads shoulder to look at his face while dad smiles at him.

Located in Boise’s historic North End, Camel’s Back Park is a local gem that beckons photographers and nature lovers. The steep hill in the park (a la Camel’s Back) is a great spot for sunset photos and grand views of Boise. With a 180 view at the top, you can choose what you want as the background, undulating hills, or a cityscape? While the views from the top aren’t as high as Table Rock, Camel’s Back has a nice local vibe with a diverse cross-section of Boise coming out to enjoy the park.

The park also has a steep (but relatively short) staircase to the top that offers fun photography options.

TIP: There are ample hiking trails adjacent to Camel’s Back Park, so bring your hiking shoes if you’re up for it!

Location: (Map Link)


Boise Train Depot on a fall crisp day.

Are you looking for a great view of Boise without a hike to Table Rock or a steep staircase in Camels Back? The Boise Train Depot is where to go. The depot was built in the 1920s as a bustling hub for train passengers and operated until 1997. Although it no longer serves as a regular train station, the depot has been beautifully preserved and remains a symbol of Boise’s historical and cultural heritage.

The depot is set on a rise overlooking the city, offering panoramic views of downtown Boise and the surrounding mountains, which makes it a popular spot for photographers and sightseers.

Beyond the beautiful views, the structure of the depot is reminiscent of early 20th-century Spanish mission design, and the interior is equally impressive with its detailed tile work and elegant arches. The grounds also include landscaped gardens and ponds. The gardens are beautiful in late spring!

Location: (Map Link)


close up of carrots and onions at a farmers market.

I love a good farmers market! Boise doesn’t disappoint with the Capital City Public Market. The richly colored produce, the intricate details of artisanal products, and the candid moments of market-goers and vendors provide endless opportunities for dynamic and engaging shots. Open from April to October, the market is a dynamic hub of local culture and commerce that comes to life every Saturday. Spanning several city blocks, the market is a kaleidoscope of Idaho’s best. From farm-fresh produce to artisan crafts, gourmet food, and live music, it’s a bustling microcosm of the state’s rich agricultural and creative communities.

Location: (Map Link)


Toddler boy stands in front of cream memorial with quotes from leaders.

As poignant as it is picturesque, the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is a thoughtfully designed memorial nestled quietly by the Boise River. The landmark is a stirring tribute and a fantastic canvas for contemplative photography. With water features and engraved quotes scattered throughout the site, you’ll love capturing the passages that resonate with you.

Location: (Map Link)


toddler standing in front of inspire sign

JUMP, or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, is a creative space set in downtown Boise. This isn’t just a building; it’s a collaborative haven that screams innovation and fun. Picture a multi-dimensional hub where art, culture, and technology collide. The space is particularly great for families with its outdoor vintage tractor museum, three-story climbing nets, and five-story spiral slide.

JUMP’s design is a nod to Boise’s forward-thinking spirit, with its bold architecture, vibrant colors, and an air of playful eccentricity that makes it a standout in the cityscape. Keep an eye out for their constantly changing outdoor art installations.

Location: (Map Link)


Hyde Park is Boise’s most charming neighborhood, with a delightful mix of historic architecture, tree-lined avenues, and local shops. Many of these are housed in well-preserved buildings that reflect the neighborhood’s history. It’s a small, walkable area and you’re sure to find a perfect photo op in the area. Certified is one of my favorite coffee/lunch spots in Boise, so swing by, and you can be one of those “young people” who take pictures of their food. We all do it! It’s worth it because Certified makes beautiful (and yummy) food and coffee.

Location: (Map Link).


Brunette mother and young son with cape sit on rocks looking out at Boise River.

Stretching over 25 miles beside the Boise River, the Boise River Greenbelt meanders along the city core, offering an ever-changing backdrop of natural beauty and urban appeal. Whether you’re capturing the tranquil flow of the river, the fall foliage, or the occasional wildlife sighting, there’s no shortage of picture-perfect moments. Cyclists and joggers add a dynamic element to the landscape, perfect for those candid, life-in-motion shots. As a lover of both urban scenes and nature’s splendors, I find the Greenbelt a delightful blend of both.

While many people congregate in the area around downtown Boise, the paths east and west of the downtown hub offer more tranquility and introspection.

TIP: Rent a bike and spend an entire day exploring the Greenbelt.

Location: (Map Link)


The red-railed bridges scattered along the Greenbelt’s path are charming little photo spots for architectural and landscape photography. These bridges, easily recognizable by their red railings, are dotted along the Boise River, each a little different from the last. The most recognizable one is the Ninth Street Bridge. While the Ninth Street Bridge is iconic and historic, I also really love the Red Bridge for its more vivid tones. It’s a smaller bridge, but the tomato hue offers a striking photo contrast.

Location: (Ninth Street Bridge or Red Bridge)


For an Instagram-worthy photo spot completely unique to Boise, you’ll want to check out the “Smurf Turf” at Boise State University’s Albertsons Stadium. Contrary to a typical green football stadium, the turf is a bright cobalt blue. I’m sure you can guess how it earned its nickname.

Visitors are welcome to visit the turf Monday through Friday from 10 to 4. You can, of course, also get your photo at a live event, which will bring a different kind of photo opportunity.

Location: (Map Link)


About 45 minutes away from Boise stands everyone’s favorite ski hill, Bogus Basin. While its winter recreation may be what brings everyone up the mountain, it’s a year-round destination for adventurers, nature lovers, and photographers. Whether you want to capture action on the slopes, wildflowers in the spring, or the expansive views of the Boise Mountains, Bogus Basin offers a variety of scenic shots.

Location: (Map Link)


Guru Donuts is a little slice of heaven for those with a sweet tooth. Located in the historic Idanha building, this delightful donut shop is more than just a place to grab a quick breakfast; it’s a local institution. With its quirky, hip vibe, Guru Donuts offers a variety of unique and mouth-watering donut flavors, from classic old-fashioned glazed donuts to inventive creations like the Hipsterberry and the Irish Coffee.

Guru Donuts is a dream for those who can’t resist snapping pictures of their food for the gram. The vibrant, colorful donuts make for some seriously delicious shots, and the whimsical décor of the shop provides a fun and funky background.

Location: (Map Link)


nighttime city scene of Boise Idaho with neon lights and people walking through the streets

When the sun sets in Boise, the downtown area transforms into a lively hub that reflects the cities youthful vibe. We love the neon lights and how it adds an urban buzz to the city. 8th Street is one of the best places to go, as you’ll reliably find many people out and about dining and drinking from the string of eateries and bars.

Location: (Map Link)


Every year, the Spirit of Boise paints the sky with a vibrant spectacle of hot air balloons. While the event is only once a year, you have to go if you’re in Boise during it! The sheer scale and beauty of dozens of hot air balloons ascending at dawn is a rare treat. Set against the backdrop of Boise’s high-rise building and the distant mountains, you’ll be hard-pressed not to shoot off dozens of fantastic photos.

TIP: Get there before the balloons take off so you can capture all the moments of preparation and launch. It’s a great glimpse into the intricate and fascinating world of ballooning.

Location: (Map Link)

Now that you know the best places to take pictures in Boise, are you ready to snag the perfect selfie? Let me know in the comments below if you have any other favorite Instagram photo spots in Boise.

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