Woman on RadRover Ebike sits on bike on a gravel road with one foot on ground and looks out at the forrest surroundings.

A RADROVER 6 PLUS STEP THRU REVIEW: Is It The Ultimate Adventure E-Bike?

Post Summary: A straightforward everyday person review of the Rad Rover 6 Plus Step Thru.

Rad Power Bikes is one of the leading e-bike brands in the US. They’ve become famous for stylish, high-quality e-bikes that are moderately priced. If you’re like me, you might be thinking about buying the Rad Rover E-bike and are curious about how it rides or if it’s worth the investment.

I’ve been pining for an e-bike for YEARS and finally made the leap with the Rad Rover 6 Plus. This was after weeks of trying to decipher which Rad Power Bike was best for me. I am an everyday adventurer who loves biking and outdoor pursuits, but I am definitely not a gearhead or someone who can spout off technical terms with the local bike club.

For me, it’s simple. I like bikes. I like to bike. Is the bike safe? Is it comfortable? Can I put it together myself? Is it going to explode on me?

Also, maybe……what kind of cute colors does it come in?

This is my straightforward, honest review of the Rad Rover 6 Step-Thru and insights for the everyday person considering buying an e-bike.

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Woman stands on gravel road with a RadRover Step Thru Ebike. She looks back at the road she was biking.
Because I chose the step-thru option, there’s no center top frame tube. I can stand with the bike, which would be impossible for a shortie like me with a high-step bike.

Rad Power Bikes offers six different models of ebike. Currently, they offer the following:

  • RadCity
  • RadRunner
  • RadRover
  • RadExpand
  • RadWagon
  • RadTrike

The above range from city bikes that are great for commuting in an urban setting to foldable ebikes for those who need to fit it in a car or van to rugged fat tire bikes for all-terrain trails.

I chose the RadRover 6 Step Thru because I will primarily use the bike on unpaved gravel roads and in potentially snowy areas. I needed a fat tire bike that could handle all terrain. While I like the more lightweight design of the RadRunner, it just made no sense for my lifestyle. I live in a rural area of North Idaho with unpaved roads, so I wanted to be able to hop on my bike and ride the gravel road to the lake or haul it out to the trails for a day of mountain biking. The RadRover has 4″ tires, making it perfect for my kind of biking.

With most Rad Power Bikes, you can choose between a Step-Thru or High Step Ebike. A step-thru allows you to easily get off and on the bike since there’s no middle bar you have to hitch your leg over. A high-step bike looks like a classic bike where some people have to tilt it to the side to get their leg around. A step-thru is great for anyone with limited hip mobility or balance issues.

The RadRover Step Thru is better for anyone under 5’7″. The RadRover High Step is for individuals who are 5’7″ and up. The choice was made for me since I top out at 5’2″. That said, even if I had runway model height, I probably would have chosen a step-thru since I like that it’s easier to get off and on. Why make it hard on myself?


Overall, I’m in love with the RadRover Plus Ebike. It rides well, is pretty intuitive to figure out, and…it’s really freaking fun. I had gone mountain e-biking on Schweitzer once before, so I had some prior knowledge, but overall I’m a newbie when it comes to ebikes.

The Rad Rover works like all the other models, where you plug it into a wall outlet to charge the bike. Charging times vary, but generally, charging time ranges from 3-6 hours.

All of the Rad Power Bikes have pedal assist, which means that while you peddle, you can get an extra boost from the battery-operated hub. There are five levels of peddle assist, so you can get a little help or turn it to level 5 if you want full assist.

I tested out peddle assist on a gravel road with a moderate 4% incline, and it was terrific. I set it at the lowest setting, and it was just enough to give me a little kick and still work my body. You can, of course, set it higher if you don’t want to work at all.

The RadRover comes with seven gears for shifting, so you can use pedal assist sparingly and enjoy the physical workout, or you can use pedal assist the entire way and enjoy a leisurely ride. That’s the beauty of ebikes and pedal assist. It’s entirely up to you!

Just note that the more you use the pedal assist, the sooner you drain the battery. The battery at full charge, ranges from 25-45 miles per charge. The charger is small enough to take with you in your bag and charge your bike again if needed.

Testing out pedal assist on a slight hill.

In addition to the pedal assist, the bike has a grip twist throttle on the right handlebar. It works like a scooter and can make the bike go without pedaling. It’s great when you need a little help to get going or have a steep hill.

I have to say, the throttle is quite fun. This is when it feels like I’m on a dirt bike and want to take off and GO.

Speaking of speed, how fast is the RadRover 6 plus step thru? As a class II e-bike, it tops out at 20 mph. For me, that’s plenty of speed. I have to say, when you’re on it, it feels FAST.

The RadRover is a whole lot of bike. With the battery on, it weighs 73 pounds, and the weight will continue to add up with extra features like a front basket. Sidenote: I highly recommend getting a basket or two! Being able to hold stuff is great.

I’m 5’2 and weigh 110 pounds, so I am on the spectrum of “small humans.” I could maneuver it pretty well, but initially, it was a little awkward as I got my bearings. Lifting it off the ground to hoist it onto the vehicle rack is another thing. While I could do it in a jam, my back would prefer a second set of arms—something to consider if you’re my size. Again, we live in a rural area far from the central hub and need to transport the bike rather than just hopping on it and riding through town. If you don’t need to take the bike upstairs or put it on a vehicle, it won’t be an issue for you.

So, how does the RadRover Fat Tire bike ride? Like a beast. I’ve heard it called the hummer of bikes, and I can see why. It’s just a big ole bike that can take a lot. It handled roots, divets in the road, and loose gravel like a champ. It took me about 10 minutes to get used to the screen, and how to shift gears and change pedal assist, but once I got the hang of it, it was a great ride.

Price Of RadRover 6

The RadRover 6 Step Thru Ebike bike costs $2099 with free shipping if you do your own assembly. If you live in a big city, you might be able to choose to have it assembled and delivered to you for a fee of $249.

For a fat tire ebike, that’s a pretty decent price. Rad Power Bikes is one of the more economical brands, and their bikes are a great way to break into the ebike world without forking over $4000.

They’re always offering deals and sales throughout the year, so be sure to check Rad Power Bikes for the most current price.

Setting Up the RadRover Ebike

Large long box that's been partially ripped open to show an electric fat tire bike that needs to be assembled.

From start to finish, it took us about three hours to set up the bike and put on the extra accessories. That is far longer than we expected. For some background, my husband is proficient with his hands and is not a novice when making or putting things together.

The actual bike only took one hour. While one person does the brunt of the work, you do need two people to help hold and balance things.

The real pain was putting on the accessories. That took an hour and a half. One of the accessories we got (the rear bike rack) did not have directions in the box, so we went to the Rad Power Bikes website to watch a video on how to put it together. Unfortunately, their video was outdated and didn’t work with the most recent version of the rack. With no directions and no support on the site, we had to go to YouTube to see if anyone had put up updated info. Through a series of reading people’s angry comments about how the rack doesn’t have directions and how to do it correctly, we figured it out. Thank god for bloggers and vloggers, huh? But seriously, Rad Power Bikes needs to update its videos.

Tips And Insights For Your RadRover 6 Plus

Father and young son ride RadRover ebike on gravel country road.
The RadRover isn’t ideal for carrying passengers. We tried it for a hot second and realized it was a bad idea.
  • If you buy a RadRover, I recommend reading up on the battery and how to store and extend its life properly. If I hadn’t read up on it, I wouldn’t have realized I needed to take the battery out when it’s below a certain temperature and take it in the house.
  • While helmets are not required in the state where I live, I personally would never ride an ebike without a helmet. The speed and power they have are considerable, and it doesn’t feel worth it. Rad Power Bikes has plenty of cute helmets you can purchase with your bike, but you can also get more affordable helmets elsewhere.
  • The RadRover is not great for bringing your kids. We did take one short ride with my son sitting on the rear bike rack. It’s really not meant for that and probably not a wise moment from us. If you want to transport your kids and still have some all-terrain capability, I would opt for the RadRunner Plus.

Final Thoughts: Rad Rover 6 Plus Step Thru Review

Even though the setup isn’t ideal, and Rad Power Bikes badly needs to update their “how to” videos, I still absolutely love my Rad Rover 6 Plus Step Thru. It’s worth the hassle for a fun ebike that I can take with me from sand to snow to trail.

The RadRover is an all-around fantastic adventure ebike that’s fantastic for cutting down on car usage. I think the RadRover 6 Plus is great for anyone who lives in an area with gravel roads, mountain biking trails, or snow or someone who wants their bike to be a commuting bike with the option to also use it on rougher terrain.

Now, I just need an ebike buddy because my husband and child are too slow for me on their little human-powered bikes

I hope my review of the RadRover 6 Plus Step Thru helped you out. Let me know if you have any questions!


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