Idaho Travel Guide

Brad’s family goes back three generations in Idaho, and we’re lucky to be raising the fourth generation in North Idaho. Below, you’ll find our complete Idaho travel guide to help you explore this reclusive and fertile state.

Idaho is a fantastic travel destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Known as the Gem State, it boasts an abundance of stunning natural wonders, including the rugged Sawtooth Mountains, pristine alpine lakes, over 130 natural hot springs, and the iconic Snake River. While the outdoors may be Idaho’s main appeal, its capital city, Boise, is a fast-growing city that is quickly rivaling other top western US cities for being hip, innovative, and fun.


Boise, Idaho, is undeniably a cool place for various reasons. We lived there for a short time and absolutely loved our time there. The city strikes a perfect balance between urban living and outdoor adventure. With a thriving cultural scene, Boise offers art galleries, live music venues, and an inviting downtown, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening. Its famous Greenbelt, a tree-lined pathway along the Boise River, provides a refreshing escape for joggers and cyclists. But what truly makes Boise special is its accessibility to the great outdoors. In just a short car ride, you can find yourself hiking in the nearby foothills, skiing at Bogus Basin, or exploring the Boise National Forest. With a strong sense of community and a growing tech industry, Boise is a city that manages to retain its small-town charm while embracing innovation, making it a truly cool and welcoming destination for all.


Famed for being reclusive and private, northern Idaho boasts some of Idaho’s most pristine natural beauty, with its crystalline lakes, dense forests, and towering mountain ranges. Northern Idaho (or North Idaho as the locals say) sets the stage for unparalleled outdoor adventures. From skiing at the renowned Schweitzer Ski Resort to mountain biking at Silver Mountain to kayaking Lake Pend Oreille, North Idaho offers year-round recreational opportunities. North Idaho is a great place to visit for those seeking an escape into nature, a taste of adventure, and a slice of small-town life.