Hello! We’re Christina and Brad, the travel blogging team who created the website you’re currently checking out. If you’re reading this…perhaps you’re interested in teaming up?

Why Partner with Live A Wilder Life

Are you looking for a creative and effective way to promote your brand or destination to a highly engaged audience? People who are already online and looking for help with their next trip or product purchase? Do you want to connect to your ideal consumer in a way that’s genuine, authentic, and actually helpful to everyone involved?

So do we!

We are a family of three (plus one ornery cat) who are obsessed with travel, adventure, and living a life of unabashed curiosity and passion.

Our desire with this blog is to help people travel easier and deeper. Simple as that. Whether it’s helping a family discover the best hot springs in Idaho, giving the most detailed itinerary for a weekend in Asheville, or a meticulous guide on how to pick out the best carrier for lugging around a 30-pound toddler.

What We Offer

We specialize in creating highly researched and thoughtful long-form articles that draw upon our own experiences of a place or brand. Our greatest strength is optimizing each post for the gods of Google (basically, we’re SEO ninjas) so that our content is actually found by people looking for the information we have. We like to mix in humor and relatability along with practical, real advice. Because, if it’s not helpful, what’s the point?

We focus on:

Nature & Adventure Travel: We embrace all travel, but our wanderlusting hearts are mostly found in nature doing adventure activities like kayaking, camping, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling. We are an outdoor family and our audience is primarily people who have a deep love for reconnecting with the great outdoors.

Destination Guides: We write incredibly detailed destination guides that cover everything from interesting facts, where to eat, where to stay, what you must know before you go, location-specific tips, and how to best enjoy your time there.

Family: We focus on content that will help families travel with their wild kids in tow. We love to recommend products and review brands that will help families travel easier. Along with product reviews, we strive to let families know about new destinations that offer fun, family-oriented adventures that the entire family can enjoy

Local Food: We will travel to the ends of the earth for good food. Hyperlocal food and drinks that are locally owned are pretty much the best things on earth.

A few of our amazing brand partners!

Travel Partners We’ve Worked With

We have been featured and built partnerships with many brands including CircleAround from Girl Scouts, Visit Southwest Idaho, Payette Brewing Co, Minimeis, RTIC Coolers, Hydro Flask, Our Expedition, Timber Cover Resort, and the Delamar Hotel. We combine social media marketing, featured content, and reviews to create useful content that cuts straight to the heart of what our readers care about most.

Let’s Collaborate Together

Collaboration is the name of the game for us. As former survivors of the entertainment industry (special effects, production, acting, camera operation, writing, photography, you name it) we strongly believe that the best creative endeavors come from a collaborative environment.

Here are a few ideas:
Destination Marketing
Sponsored Stays
Sponsored Blog Posts
Sponsored Social Media Posts
Brand Ambassadorship
Social Media Takeovers
Product Reviews

How does that sound? We would love to hear from you. I’m sure you want to hear about our numbers and geek out on the metrics of our website and socials. We would love to share them! We don’t put them on our site because we’re growing monthly and honestly can’t take the time to update it every day.

Buuuuut, we know how important numbers are to brands (we respect that) so as of August 2021 our pageviews are 40,000 a month.

Contact us at livewilder @ for our press kit with up to date numbers and to talk about collaboration ideas.